Learning About Personal Development

Personal development skills are the skills you need to enable you to set personal goals and to achieve personal empowerment.
You can build a strong and effective skill-set through personal development, and these will help you to make relevant and positive choices and decisions in the future.
Whether you want to start with Keeping Your Mind Healthy or Caring for your Body, there are plenty of ideas in this section to help.

Personal Development Skills

Our pages on Personal Development and Personal Empowerment provide a framework for setting personal goals and achieving your potential in life.
Become more self-aware, and learn to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and those of other people, for example, by developing habits of Reflective Practice.
Learn how to use language positively to encourage self-empowerment in our pages on Positive Thinking and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and also to help empower others. Remove the barriers to learning and developing yourself by discovering the Importance of Mindset and start to develop new skills today. And if you find personal change hard, take a look at our pages on Personal Change Management Skills and Self-Motivation for some ideas to get you started.