Develop Your Numeracy Skills

At Gilead Training Ltd we believe that everybody has the ability to master basic numeracy.

We also believe that understanding basic numeracy and mathematics will make a huge difference in all aspects of your life: make you more employable, help you achieve a greater understanding of the world around you, save you time and money and may even improve your well-being and reduce stress.

Through clear descriptions, discussion and examples we hope to give our readers a fundamental knowledge of ‘Functional Numeracy’.  Our mission is to develop a library of informative, easy-to-follow guides covering the basics of functional numeracy skills – maths you can use every day.

We don’t all need to be great mathematicians, and we’re not all rocket scientists, but an understanding of the basic principles of day-to-day numeracy, arithmetic and maths will open many doors.

You may want to start by reading our page: Introduction to Numbers, which explains some of the fundamentals needed to understand numeracy, how numbers work.

Progress to our series on basic arithmetic, learning how to use the common arithmetic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) learning tips and tricks to help solve common problems along the way like working out the best deals on products and services, planning a household budget and working out your share of a restaurant bill.