Character-Building Skills

Our section on Character-Building Skills focuses heavily on those perhaps old-fashioned terms ‘character’ and ‘virtue’, and their increasing importance in today’s world.
Learn about the importance of Emotional Intelligence and Managing Emotions in gaining mastery over yourself, and being able to understand yourself and others.
Managing your emotions effectively is crucial to learning to live well. For more about this, see our pages on Goodness: Learning to Use Your Moral Compass and A Framework For Learning To Live Well.
Ethics play an important role in life, although sometimes in the modern world it’s hard to remember. Find more about this in our pages on Living Ethically, Ethical Consumption and Ethics and Goodness in Professional Life.
You can also find out more about individual character traits, or ‘virtues’ on our individual pages. For example, you may want to explore issues of Self Control, Developing Resilience, Being Good Tempered, or even Friendliness or Compassion. There are plenty more to explore and help you to feel good about yourself.
How we feel about ourselves impacts on many aspects of our lives. By Building Confidence and Self-Esteem, we can overcome barriers and learn to accept our own strengths and weaknesses. Further your understanding of self-esteem and confidence by reading our pages on Personal Presentation, how we present or market ourselves to others, and Personal Appearance, how we dress and look after our physical appearances.