Developing assertiveness skills is important for self-development. Assertiveness is not about being aggressive or passive but a tool we use to develop an understanding of ourselves and communicate our beliefs, values and opinions to others.
Find out more on our assertiveness pages, including Assertiveness (An Introduction), Why People are not Assertive, Dealing with Non-Assertiveness and Assertiveness Techniques.

Time Management

The way that we manage our time has a direct effect on how we feel.
Our Introduction to Time Management page outlines some of the ways you can improve your effectiveness at getting things done, so that you achieve more and feel more motivated and self-confident. Prioritise, categorise and organise your time to maximum benefit.
Our lives are often full of things that waste time or distract us from doing what’s important. Follow our simple tips to avoid wasting time, and reduce these distractions, leaving more time to achieve your goals.